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Disc man escapes a tight spot

Some say victory is a matter of inches. They are wrong. Inches are the smallest common units of measure. I prefer something bigger. I win by miles.

Some losers may disagree. They might say that I win by plum trees. But, they just don't know how the game is played.

Cash Register goes bezerkI assure you, my shot on the 5th hole was completely planned. I purposely deflected my disc off the elm tree, so that it would skip off the sidewalk, gain altitude, and catch the upper branches of the plum tree. How else could I have dropped my disc within two feet of the basket?

And I had nothing to do with the Trashman's incredible toss directly into that trashgood sportsman thanks other contestants can. On the contrary, good sportsman that I am, I helped him into the can, so he could play it.

True, the Hughes Chiropractic disc is a delicate and touchy weapon. True, it requires practice and more practice to make it the delightful tactical weapon that it is. True, Bogeyman had never held one before he borrowed mine. But, is it my responsibility to put a warning label on the thing? Is it my responsibility to explain to Bogeyman that in the hand of an amateur it can decapitate small children? I think not

Dunc searching for his disc yet againAnd can I help it Duncan likes the water?Unconscious competitors




Final Results



John Hughes +4
Staci Charles +10
Tote Hughes +12
Mark Hughes +20
Duncan Hughes DNF (dematerialized)
Annie Hughes DNF (nap time)
Ted Hughes DNF (his nap time, too)